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The pharmaceuticals sector: a boon for investors?

Pharmaceuticals companies of course face a very unique challenge: they must invest in research and development while at the same time keeping a close eye on the expiration dates of their patents. In addition, for each new product they want to introduce onto the market, they must navigate the barriers of a vast number of restrictive regulations. They must also manage the re-payment of loans. Investing in this sector can be quite expensive, but the potential gains are no less attractive.

A demographic tendency working in the sector’s favour.

The current trend in rising life expectancies and the accompanying ageing of the population is affecting not only the western world but also China and Japan.
Some emerging countries are also seeing a dramatic rise in population and their standard of living increasing. This in turn gives them better access to health care and medications. In short, today’s demographic trends are beneficial to the pharmaceuticals sector in general and to the large laboratories in particular. Not to mention the fact that pharmaceuticals figure among the most desirable defensive stocks in the eyes of most specialists. As a result, the pharmaceuticals sector represents 9.86% of Petrus Partners’s portfolio.

Take a peek inside Petrus Partners’s medicine cabinet.

Our selection: Heavy hitters in the sector such as GlaxoSmithKline (turnover of 31.5 billion USD), Roche (37.6 billion USD), Bayer (18.4 billion USD) and UCB (3.8 billion USD) via its financial holding company located in Tubize.

A thoughtful diversification is a building block for a healthy management

Therefore, a global diversification is insufficient for us

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