Golden Rule: Intelligent Diversification

  • Real Estate 13,97%
  • Agro-Food 29,10%
  • Technology 10,65%
  • Health-Care10,01%
  • Finance 10,77%
  • Diverse investements 20,74%

What to avoid? Cash!

The central banks have set up an extremely generous monetary policy. They have injected a great deal of liquidity into the system in an attempt to stimulate inflation, boost economic growth and reduce government indebtedness.

The result is that because it is abundant, cash has become a toxic product. Cash is becoming increasingly costly and risky.

If you wish to protect your assets, we can help. Take action!

At Petrus Partners, all of our experienced investors, who are keenly aware of market realities, share the same conviction: investing on the stock market is the best way to protect your savings in the long term.

Yes, stock shares still carry real potential provided they are stable and don’t fly out the window at the first little bump in the road. And, of course, with intelligent diversification.

Diversification: the key to your financial security.

Wat is voor Petrus Partners een doordachte diversificatie?

  • investing in companies whose aims and practices we understand and collaborating with managers whose management methods we approve of.
  • diversifying our portfolio based on share classes, economic sectors, geographic zones, currencies, management styles and investment strategies.

Extreme diversification: we have divided our portfolio up over 4 European financial institutions. In addition, some of our assets have been placed in the capable hands of 5 money managers with complementary management styles and/or investment strategies.

Follow our example!

We privilege individual shares from sectors we are familiar with. They are:

  • Agro-food Sector: 29% of our portfolio
  • Health-care: 10%
  • European real estate: 14%
  • Technology: 10%

We flee, however, direct exposure to the banking sector, raw materials, the petroleum sector and public services.



The three pillars of our real estate investments.



Our investments in the agro-food sector: wise in more ways than one.



Who doesn’t ‘Google’?



The pharmaceuticals sector, a boon for investors?



Investing in the finance sector? Yes, but in the right way.


17 %

Our specialized, independent investment managers realize exceptional returns.

If you wish to protect your assets and your legacy for the long term by taking advantage of the great experience of professional investors, contact us!

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