A diversified strategy can make all the difference to your capital.


Our investments in a variety of sectors: Balance.

Diversifying your portfolio in an intelligent way in order to minimise risk: this is our watchword. It sums up the way in which we invest in international companies that operate in sectors with growth potential.

Our strategy includes entrusting a part of our assets to highly qualified finance experts who have a proven record.

17% of our assets are placed in the hands of 4 share management specialists.

Peerless financial experts such as Blue Fund’s Ivan Nyssen and Fundsmith’s Terry Smith have amply proven their abilities to get money to perform in the medium and long term.

The mutually complementary investment strategies of these managers allow us to accomplish one of our primary goals: lower risk.

Beat the market? No. Protect your assets? Yes.

The companies we invest in are as active in full blown markets as in emerging ones. They fight to create and improve their products with the aim of selling them to customers, new or returning, in order to meet their needs as they evolve. We invest in these companies when the prices are attractive and we sell when risks increase too much, but as a rule we are generally fairly static.

Let us be clear: ‘static’ management does not mean that we are not flexible or that we don’t jump on opportunities when they present themselves. Far from it. The performance of our portfolio over the last few years, of which we have no reason to be ashamed, bears this out. Nevertheless, our approach can be characterized as a ‘no nonsense’ approach: we avoid market timing, trading, the use of debt, derivatives and short positions. However, if you want to effectively protect your estate, welcome to the club!

A thoughtful diversification is a building block for a healthy management

Therefore, a global diversification is insufficient for us whereas it does not protect our portfolio when stock markets fall.

If you wish to protect your assets and your legacy for the long term by taking advantage of the great experience of professional investors, contact us!

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