The agro-food sector will keep you filled up, today and tomorrow.


Our investments in the agro-food sector: appetizing in more ways than one.

According to the World Population Clock website (, 227,000 new inhabitants arrive on the planet every day.
That figure is, of course, very approximate. Nevertheless, no one doubts that the agro-food sector is, and will remain, a field of solid investment.

Globalization, reduced costs, development of successful brands… These are also present in the ever changing agro-food sector; each new initiative promises a new opportunity for profit.

We prefer companies that concentrate on consumer products whose demand is not cyclic in nature.

Our Champions: the inhabitants of your fridge.

Eight (8) companies trading in the food sector represent 28% of our portfolio. Three of them are well-known household names: Nestlé, PepsiCo and AB InBev.

The highly reputed Swiss company Nestlé is one of the principle players in the world’s agro-food industry; their turnover was 90 billion dollars in 2015. This company alone represents exactly 5.86 % of our portfolio.

PepsiCo is very protective of its profits and doesn’t let anyone else even get close.

PepsiCo, with a 6-billion-dollar turnover, represents 2.89% of our portfolio. This company offers more than 300 products bearing as many as 16 different brand names.
Those products include: Pepsi, Seven-Up, Smiths, Lays, Quaker and Gatorade, among others. PepsiCo is the second largest agro-food group in the world.

AB InBev. An Investor’s Dream

We have also chosen to invest 3.51% of our portfolio in a giant that is firmly rooted in Belgium: AB InBev, one of the five largest consumer good groups in the world and the largest brewers’ group by volume of beer brewed. AB InBev has a turnover of 48 billion dollars today and a single great ambition: to reach 100 billion dollars in turnover by 2020.

A thoughtful diversification is a building block for a healthy management

Therefore, a global diversification is insufficient for us

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