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Petrus Partners. This club of experienced investors is open to everyone.


The founders’ experience and commitment speak for themselves. Petrus Partners manages a portfolio of international companies’ shares. Created in 2004, at the instigation of private investors in collaboration with professional investors, the members of Petrus Partners want to share their knowledge and expertise with you through the co-operative economy. Bound by both blood and long-standing friendship, the founders collectively represent years of experience in the financial sector, and especially in portfolio management.


Do you wish to protect your estate for the long term?

All of the investors in our group share a single long-term objective: protect their capital through a diversified share portfolio. Cash has become toxic and bonds carry a certain risk (the rate of 10-year bonds issued by the
German government fell below zero on Monday, June 16, 2016).

We invest in shares of international companies whose activities we understand. In addition, we collaborate with managers whose management methods we approve of. Intelligent diversification remains the key to successfully managing your estate.

Also crucial to success: rigorous control of expenditures. Indeed, there are no small savings; we choose our bankers independently on the basis of the quality and the cost of their services.


The fact that these financial managers invest their own assets in the very same instruments they recommend to you is proof of their commitment. That is what distinguishes them from bank managers whose objectives are the antithesis of their investors’ in the sense that their aim is to attract a maximum of managed assets with the goal of claiming management and other fees linked to the size of the assets.


Petrus Partners observes an open-book policy: This co-operation between investment professionals and private individuals takes place in complete openness and transparency. Monthly reports as well as statements and the situations of the portfolios of Petrus’s 4 bank accounts are accessible via our website. Each investor receives his/her own digital file with digital copies of any and all documents relating to his/her investments.

Shared knowledge

Today’s technologies allow our partners to share their knowledge and information with us. In the same way, we share our professional experience and know-how with the members of the group.
We offer our members accessibility and responsiveness by using communication tools such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Viber.

Are you seeking to familarize yourself with the financial and economic spheres and to protect your estate effectively with advice from experienced investors?

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