A shared objective: protect our capital.


Better invest by taking advantage of what the co-operative economy offers.

Who still trusts banks to manage their assets?

In the early 2000s, banks were the first to jump on technological advances and create sophisticated mathematical models in order to put new derivative products to work for them. Convinced that they could actively manage their exposure, they began transferring certain risks to their clients in the form of complex products.

We all know what happened next. In 2007, the banks lost control of risk management, which gave rise to the infamous subprimes.

The multifaceted strength of the co-operative economy.

Having watched their returns diminish and their costs increase, the banks had to try to compete with new players in the digital technologies sector: ‘Fintechs’ (up-and-coming innovative financial sector enterprises) and Google, Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. Today, others, from the co-operative economy sector, have joined the ranks.

Petrus Partners is among them.

This idea is changing the world; will it change your way of investing?

In 2011, Time Magazine described the co-operative economy as an idea that would change the world. PetrusPartners.be figures among those innovative, professional enterprises.

To begin with, we minimize costs and share with our investors the knowledge and information we have access to through our exclusive network of professional money managers.

All members can participate in the decision-making process. Class A shares, previously reserved for the family, are currently open to all of the new members with a minimum investment of 1000 EUR, capped at 10000EUR. At the present time there are no administration fees or management fees.

The performance in the last few years has been more than encouraging.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

Are you looking to join a 100% digital and 100% transparent investors’ community? Do you want to take advantage of opportunities the co-operative economy offers in order to protect your capital? Contact us.

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