Together, let’s protect our estate.

Let’s protect our savings thanks to the experience of, and together with professional investors.


Why Petrus Partners?

We are responsible

Petrus Partners main objective is capital growth of its members

We are professionals

Petrus Partners is an 100% web based community of investors created by private savers in cooperation with professional investors.

  • Real Estate 13,97%
  • Agro-Food 29,10%
  • Technology 10,65%
  • Health-Care 10,01%
  • Finance 10,77%
  • Diverse investements 20,74%

Our portfolio


The objective of Petrus is protection and capital growth through diversified investments in risk capital in defensive sectors and through traditional and alternative funds


At Petrus Partners, there is no conflict of interest, no complex structure and no hidden costs: our members have access to all the information.

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Google’s performance  in USD since acquisition in October 2013; and the US Dollar went up with 27% over the same period.

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