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PetrusPartners.be is a community of private and professional investors who are passionate about the world of finance and investment. Leave the usual conflicts of interest among managers and investors behind. With Petrus Partners, it’s all for one and one for all.

Why join an investors’ community?

To protect your property, to begin with, but also to prevent your estate from gradually and inexorably eroding away due to fees and inflation. But also to keep control of your savings rather than having to blindly trust the banks. On the way, you will acquire useful – even exciting – knowledge about finance and the economy through contact with experienced professionals. In addition, Petrus Partners exists to help and assist all his members.

100% digital, for maximum accessibility with minimal turn-around time.

We offer our members maximum accessibility and optimal responsiveness by using the right means of communication, such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Viber. We routinely use these applications.

100% digital means 100% transparency.

Our books are completely open, and all members have full access to all the information they want, everywhere and at all times. Monthly reports, statements and the situations of the portfolios of Petrus’s bank accounts are accessible via our website.

Specialists who are prepared to share their knowledge with you.

Taken together, the combined experience of the founders of Petrus Partners  in the financial sector, and more specifically in portfolio management,  adds up to a considerable number of years. Their aim is to provide greater security and autonomy by sharing information and digital technology in such a way that you have a crystal clear vision of what is happening with your investments.

You will see how our specialists go about diversifying risks, as well as detecting and minimizing costs. These are the founding principles which are at the service of your assets alongside all of the professionals at Petrus Partners, within an ultra efficient, online structure underpinned with co-operative economic principles. You will find a place that fits you, too.

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